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First Hybrid PaizoCon Celebrates Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs

Posted on May 27, 2022 by Flames

Today Paizo Publisher Erik Mona opened PaizoCon 2022 with an energetic, one-hour Keynote Address on the state of the Pathfinder and Starfinder roleplaying games. Highlighting the convention are the Starfinder Drift Crisis Meta-Event and upcoming Pathfinder Dark Archive hardcover rulebook. PaizoCon 2022 runs today through May 29 at the DoubleTree Hotel, and through May 30 on @OfficialPaizo on Twitch and on Discord.

Mona’s Keynote Address covered a wide variety of details on previously announced products, including the Kingmaker Adventure Path slate of products, which backers are expected to receive in September with a retail release expected in October. New products announced in the Keynote include the Starfinder Drift Crisis Case Files Adventure, which are three short mystery adventures set in the aftermath of the Drift Crisis, the Pathfinder Treasure Vault hardcover rulebook filled with high-fantasy mundane, alchemical and magical items, and the paranormal-themed, three-part Pathfinder Gatewalkers Adventure Path, complimenting the similarly themed Dark Archive rulebook. Staff panels over the weekend, both on @OfficialPaizo on Twitch and at the physical con, will provide deeper detail on many RPG products and topics.

Starfinder Drift Crisis Meta-Event Highlights:

– The Drift Crisis is a year-long publishing event that covers rulebooks, Adventure Paths, Organized Play, and all aspects of the Starfinder world and product line.
– The Drift Crisis involves the Drift, Paizo’s hyperspace dimension, malfunctioning. Bits of the other dimensions spill out into space, while once-reliable distances between worlds become unpredictable. Pirates and other opportunists move in to create a current conflict that touches all parts of the galaxy.
– The event kicks off with the now-available Drift Crisis hardcover, which provides rules, advice, and campaign seeds that tie the Crisis into existing Starfinder adventures or the home campaigns of players.
– The action continues in the Free RPG Day adventure Skitterwarp on June 25th, the three-part Drift Crashers Adventure Path (June-October), and the Drift Hackers Adventure Path (December-April 2023).

Pathfinder Dark Archive Highlights:

– The book is comprised of eight dossiers on various paranormal subjects like cryptids, secret societies, curses and pacts.
– Dark Archive also features two new Pathfinder classes: the psychic and the thaumaturge.

PaizoCon Discord Events

– Join Paizo Organized Play: Create a Paizo account with a registered player number and join in the fun.
– Find a Game: Visit Warhorn to register, view scheduled events, and sign up for games.
– Discord: Join the PaizoCon Discord community, chat with friends, participate in giveaways, and more. Throughout the weekend, we’ll be hosting giveaways from a number of our friends at Roll20, Syrinscape, Demiplane, and more. Keep an eye on the PaizoCon Discord for info on the Giveaway channel and how to participate.
– Also, Geek Grind is offering a PaizoCon special. Use the code “PaizoCon22” for 20% off all Paizo Pathfinder and Starfinder coffee, tea, and mugs in their store.

Other Announcements:

– Discount Code 20% off Paizo-published PDFs (one-time code; use PaizoCon2022 at checkout). From now through Monday May 30 take 20% off a single order* on Pathfinder and Starfinder products at the Paizo Store using the code PaizoCon2022 at checkout.
– Many partners and prizes are on Discord throughout the Con. Players should get the “Giveaway” role to be notified as each giveaway goes live, or just pay attention to the Giveaway channel. Prizes will be given away from 10 a.m. through 6 p.m. Fri-Sun.
– Humble Bundle – The Starfinder Bug Buster Bundle is on now through the next two weeks.

Learn more and see a schedule of events at!

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