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Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick Review

Posted on March 17, 2005 by Flames

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This game won’t win any awards, oh sorry, it’s hard to not blurt that out while playing this game. This commercial on TV for this “treadclimber” says it’s fast, easy, and makes me feel good. Evil Dead doesn’t make me feel any of these, it makes me feel bored, annoyed, and sick. First the CG’s, the pre-rendered’s are pretty good, not OddWorld good, but good none the less. But there are only like 3 of them. Speaking of 3’s, that’s how many bosses are in the whole game, 3, and that’s including the end boss. The game has 5 levels which are massive though.

The story basically finds Ash chasing a man named Eldridge who has the idea of controlling the deadites. Not only does he control them, but he goes through portals back into time. There are 5 levels but they take place in the same town, just throughout the past 100 years. The game tells you what mission you need to accomplish but you always have NO FREAKING IDEA where the item you have to collect is. Half the time you see the item, you just can’t get to it. The last level if you accidently kill one baddie instead of possessing him with magic, you’re screwed and have to start the level over, WHICH is impossible if you saved over you’re previous save between levels, now ask me how you save in the game other than between levels, just ask me. SAVE CREDITS, FREAKING SAVE CREDITS. They’re good when you can save whenever you want, they’re bad when you screw over your game and have to start from the beginning.

Let’s get going on the music, ok the music, IT’S A LOOP! I GET IT, IT’S A LOOP!!!! The music tries to be exciting and a good score but it ends up being an annoying loop as you run your butt off trying to find that one key. This is the only game I’ve ever had to turn down the music volume. The controls are clunky, levels uninspired, and the bosses way too easy. On the plus side, this game has some great gore and the weapons are really cool. If you’ve seen the movies you’ll know Ash has a hand he uses with a chainsaw attatchment, well you get upgrades to that such as a chain gun and a flamethrower (which are missions to find the parts and as we determined, it’s hard to find the parts).

The combat is nice and gory but clunky. To perform more than just a hack or a slash you need to hold the A button down which doesn’t always work, literally, sometimes Ash will just do the hacking motion instead of the ‘windup’ position so the button presses almost don’t matter at all. Also it’s almost impossible half the time when you’re getting smacked in front and taken advantage of in back. Combine this with the other holding problem so when you’re running away from 10 baddies and you stop and hold the button only to do a slashing motion, you get owned when the deadites attack you. Let me use a quote from the game to explain what you’ll get out of this game if you buy it.

“Your mouth is like my ass Eldridge, nothing good ever comes out of it.”

Reviewer: Matt Christian

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