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Ghosts of Albion Preview “Faerie”

Posted on August 14, 2008 by Matt-M-McElroy

The previous Ghosts of Albion preview introduced readers to the mysterious world of Albion and touched on the cosmology of the setting.

Today’s preview will dig into some of the Cinematic Unisystem mechanics that make the game work. Specifically we are going to take a look at the Qualities and Drawbacks for supernatural characters.

Supernatural Qualities and Drawbacks

These features make faeries, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures inhuman. Many are useful to combating (or inflicting)
evil; others are disabling.

These aspects might be collected together as a new supernatural race packet, or they could be additional features that arise during play (with the Director’s approval). In the latter case, the abilities
might be unusual for the particular race and make the character truly extraordinary.

The abilities listed here are appropriate for ghosts or other supernatural types suitable for use as Cast Members. Aspects generating horrific, invulnerable, reality-twisting, gargantuan monstrosities are not provided—those are the things of which antagonists are made. Adversaries are discussed in more detail Chapter Six: The Supernatural; Friend, Foe and Fiend.

Always be mindful that supernatural abilities are a privilege, not a right. The Director can decide which ones the character might purchase, and which are best disallowed. Faeries and ghosts should normally have unlimited access, and a special human might be able to purchase a few of them, but in all cases make certain the Director approves (which no doubt should require a storyline rationale).

10-point Quality
Faeries hale from “the other worlds,” sometimes called Avalon, Tir Nan Og, or simply “fairy land.” They prefer to remain in their lands ‘tween the worlds, and if a human stumbles upon them, woe is to him. Nevertheless, the faerie realms are as much a part of Albion as Manchester, London, or Brighton.

Some Faeries choose to leave their realms to fight, understanding that the fates of the two realms are bound together. More information on faerie lore and culture can be found in Chapter Six: The Supernatural; Friend, Foe and Fiend.

All Faeries gain the following traits without further character point expenditure.

* +1 to Constitution or Dexterity; +1 to Intelligence and Willpower. Faeries have supernatural racial Attribute limits.
* One level of Contact (Supernatural) is gained. Trooping (Seelie and Unseelie Courts) Faeries may gain two levels, but also suffer an additional Obligation (Important) Drawback to their Court.
* +2 to Occultism skill.
* +2 to Attractiveness or Charisma (or one level of each). Faeries are typically charming and pleasing to the human eye.
* Innate Magic. The odd Faerie might be able to acquire the Magic Quality as a human would, but that would require special permission from the Director and a good background rational.
* The ability to understand and be understood in any language spoken. To read or write, Faeries must spend points on the Language skill.
* Regeneration at the rate of one Life Point per Constitution level per hour.
* Immortal. Faeries may possess any number of levels of the Age Quality.
* Can harm and be harmed by creatures that normally could not be harmed by physical means, such as ghosts.
* Mental Problem (Mild Faerie Arrogance). This prejudice affects all they do; Faeries considers themselves better than others, and would rather deal with a hostile faerie than a like-minded human.
* Faeries must choose one of the two following Drawbacks.
Vulnerability (Minor—Iron): Faeries take double damage from cold-forged iron weapons.
Mental Problem (Severe Obsession): The Faerie is obsessed with some action. It might be the need to repair all shoes in bad condition, prepare better meals, tidy up living quarters, mend clothes, polish all metal, or the like. Any time the Faerie encounters a situation where its obsession applies, it must make a Willpower (doubled) roll, with a –2 or greater modifier, or immediately act accordingly. Even if it succeeds initially, it must return the next night to try to rectify the situation. The Director and player should discuss the obsession during character creation to make sure it is appropriate to the storyline.

Ghosts of Albion Roleplaying Game

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