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Halloween Secret Surprise [Updated]

Posted on October 27, 2008 by Flames

Flames Rising got a sneak peak at an upcoming Halloween surprise release from one of our small press publisher fiends, but we’re not going to tell you what the game is…yet. We have uncovered a few teaser images from artist extraordinaire Jeff Preston hinting at this new, spooky RPG product just in time to scare your friends.

In the true spirit of trick-or-treating, this small press publisher has a copy of this brand new horror RPG sitting on their desk for one of you, our loyal fans and followers of Flames Rising to celebrate the product’s release.

What is this scary, Halloween surprise? Why is it shrouded in mystery? What system does it use? Which small press publisher is crazy enough to give away a copy?

To earn a copy of this horrific RPG product, this one small press publisher has teamed up with Flames Rising to ask you to play a little game. Simply, see if you can guess what this new horror RPG product is all about by piecing together clues in this post with the images provided.

Don’t hide under your mother’s skirt! Here are a few questions to help you avoid instant death:

  • How do these images fit together?
  • Is there a pattern to this gory madness?
  • What kind of a setting would this RPG take place in?
  • Could it be some kind of monster or new type of horror?
  • Is that skull glowing?

Flames Rising will work with the small press publisher to randomly select one winner from the comments listed in this post. So be sure to leave a valid e-mail address when you post your guess. Extra points will be given to the lucky horror RPG fan who can guess the system and the publisher’s name.

The winner will be announced on Halloween which is this Friday, October 31st, just in time to reveal the new horror RPG product.

This contest all in good fun, so toss out a guess and tell four of your friends. Take a shot in the dark and tell us what you think the Halloween Secret Surprise is based on these images and a few clues, hidden carefully in this post.

So forget what you know about those nasty tricks and leave your rotten eggs behind. Post your guess below for a chance to win this brand new horror RPG product!

Update! – Its seems she just couldn’t wait for Halloween, The Death-Mother has emerged from the Shroud to spread a little more evil into the world…

The Contest has ended and the winner has been sent a free copy of the Horrors of the Shroud: The Death-Mother from the folks at One Bad Egg.

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4 Responses to “Halloween Secret Surprise [Updated]”

  1. My guess? A Spirit of the Century holiday hack – like Spirit of the Season, but for Halloween.

  2. Publisher: One Bad Egg
    System: D&D 4e
    Topic: My guess is this is one of the zombies/undead from/created by The Shroud. That maw seems to be coming from the torso of the zombie-thing in the top image.

  3. Dammit, yeah. One Bad Egg’s “The Shroud” product, for 4e. The whole “Shrouded in mystery”, “rotten egg” schtick, and the zombie-tastic images, it’s pretty obvious dudes.

  4. Hieu says:

    It’s probably undead and evolution into something else. Most likely a 4E setting, could be a monster.

    And yes that skull does seem to be glowing…

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