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Onyx Path Publishing Launches Kickstarter for Dead Man’s Rust

Posted on November 25, 2020 by Flames

At the Night of Chronicles in the city of Leoni, the adventurers enjoy a wild revel. Opportunity arises when the aging bard Dradoki Bronzeleaf hires the party to escort him to the Broadreach Horizon. The perilous voyage takes the group through titanspawn infested lands, but should they survive, they arrive at the last bastion of uncorrupted wood in the Hornsaw Forest. There they meet the clans of the Broadreach elves and a century of hollow legionnaires dispatched to the Forest of Blood to offer aid and friendship.

But a dark shadow looms over the accursed wood. The necromancers of Glivid-Autel sew corruption and death throughout the Hornsaw Forest. Legionnaires, elves, and dwarves go missing. A horrific infection appears, seemingly targeting the legionnaires. The adventurers are called on to stand against these foul machinations that threaten peace, prosperity, and life itself across central Ghelspad. They may find allies in the Broadreach Horizon, the Gleaming Valley, and perhaps even the bloody canopies of the Hornsaw Forest, if they are brave enough to answer the call to adventure!

Dead Man's Rust

    Dead Man’s Rust is a mega-adventure for fifth edition fantasy, set in Onyx Path Publishing’s Scarred Lands campaign setting.

    “Dead Man’s Rust is a complete campaign taking characters from level 1 to 10 as they face terrifying titanspawn and unearth a monstrous plot to destroy one of the greatest bastions of civilization on the continent. The scope is epic, the stakes are cataclysmic, and the opposition is brutal.” says Scarred Lands developer Travis Legge. “With every life in the Gleaming Valley at stake, Ghelspad needs heroes now more than ever. Can your adventurers rise to the challenge and overcome the most brutal, horrific, and heartwrenching adventure ever conceived for 5th edition fantasy?”

    The Dead Man’s Rust Kickstarter campaign is designed to enable Onyx Path to create a hardcover setting supplement that will sit proudly alongside your existing Scarred Lands 5th Edition books, including the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide and the Scarred Lands Creature Collection. The book will be approximately 180 full-color pages featuring evocative fantasy artwork.

    Dead Man’s Rust provides a complete mega-campaign, with deadly new threats, interesting and lively locations, and many potential new allies and enemies. The book includes:

    Chapter One: Twilight of the Bard – In Leoni, an elderly dwarven bard asks for help travelling to the Broadreach Horizon, where he wants to spend his final days. The journey is dangerous, introduces suspicious enemies, and presents the potential to uncover a threat that can harm all of the Scarred Lands.
    Chapter Two: The Broadreach Horizon – Arriving at the Broadreach Horizon puts the heroes face to face with elusive dwarves and elf clans, with their own relationships to each other. Rewards await those who help the clans deal with some of their current challenges.
    Chapter Three: The Hornsaw Forest – The party ventures into the forest, seeking a missing squad of Hollow Legionnaires. They will face dangerous threats including titan-worshipping cults, wildlife that has been twisted by Mormo’s blood, and titanspawn that make their home in the wretched woods. The investigation produces rusted remains of legionnaires, providing more questions than answers.
    Chapter Four: The Gleaming Valley – The adventurers deliver the rusted remains of the lost legionnaires to the Gleaming Valley. Investigation reveals that the fallen legionnaires died of a strong disease, originating from a True Ritual. As plans are formed to combat this disease, Glivid-Autel mounts a siege on Citadel, meaning to spread Legionnaires’ Rust deeper into the lands of the hollow knights and hollow legionnaires.
    Chapter Five: Glivid-Autel – The party must infiltrate Glivid-Autel and get inside the Sanctum of Lucian Daine, the foul necromancer known as the Gray Messiah. There they must recover the secrets of Legionnaires’ Rust without joining the necromancer’s undead servants.
    Chapter Six: Peace in the Valley – With the notes on Legionnaires’ Rust secured the party must return to the Golden Citadel and help develop a cure, while repelling attackers from Glivid-Autel.

    Gamers new to the Scarred Lands campaign setting have several options with this Kickstarter to add-on the Scarred Lands Players Guide, the Creature Collection, and other supplements when they back the Kickstarter for Dead Man’s Rust.

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