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Horror Anthology Dark Faith is Apex Book Company’s Book of the Year

Posted on January 4, 2011 by

Dark Faith | Apex Book CompanyApex Book Company, a small press publisher specializing in the science fiction, horror and fantasy genres, announced today that Dark Faith, a horror anthology edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon, is their best-selling title of 2010.

To celebrate the success of Dark Faith, Apex Book Company is offering the e-book on sale at DriveThruHorror.com for $1.99, which is over fifty percent off the cover price.


Legion Movie Review

Posted on January 26, 2010 by

Let me ask you a question or three; you ever watch a movie and think “Hey, isn’t this movie ripping off such and such movie?” You ever watch a film and ask yourself “Is this movie going anywhere?” And after watching a flick, do you walk away thinking “What was the freaking point of this movie?” Well my fellow legion of Da’ flames… I have the displeasure of telling you that I asked all three questions during the course of this picture, in some cases multiple times.

The poor excuse of a story goes something a little like this; god almighty above has washed his hands of the human race and he’s hiring a cleaning service to mop up the globe, namely his angels. His entire “legion” is gonna come down and lay a god sized smack down on all us mud monkeys. However, we’ve still got one angel on humanity’s shoulder that’s ready, willing and able to stand up for all of us schmucks.


Interview with author Joseph Nassise

Posted on March 8, 2006 by

The former president of the Horror Writers Association tells us about his new Templar Charonicles series and other projects.


Dominion vs. Excorcist: the Beginning

Posted on November 1, 2005 by

For those unaware, this is the “alternate” version of the Exorcist prequel, directed by Paul Schraeder. It marks the first time in history that two entirely different versions of a film have been commissioned by a studio, and that both have seen major release (though Dominion’s theatrical release was far more limited than that of The Beginning.) Naturally, watching the films inevitably breeds comparison between the two. So which is a better film? Which is a better prequel? Are the two mutually exclusive or do they go hand-in-hand? Let’s see, shall we?


Sacrifice: Part II | Conspiracy of Shadows Fiction Series

Posted on March 4, 2005 by

“What does it say, Father Clemens?” asked a young acolyte to the wizened priest.

The middle-aged priest looked carefully around the room, for explaining prophecy to youth was like expressing nature into words to young children. At least his following was here, just outside Alcona at the foot of the Boreni Mountains. It was fortunate they were not wandering off, trying to profess their faith to those who would not listen. Instead they were here, under his gaze, believing Albin granted him the tools to enable them to know things men shouldn’t.

Continuing the tale set in the world of Conspiracy of Shadows


Sacrifice: Part I | Conspiracy of Shadows Fiction Series

Posted on February 15, 2005 by

Eyes that once spoke compassion and love glinted like twin blades in the smoke-filled night. They called her a demon. Priests, she knew and trusted from her time waddling in the lush fields of the khanate, threw stones at her. Magickal symbols drawn in fertile soil surrounded her. She wasn’t sure if they were to protect her, or to protect the mob from her. For what? The color of her hair? She tried to move her head. It was once the color of the black stones on the bottom of the riverbed. Now it resembled the embers glowing brightly in the fire her clansmen encouraged to consume her. She stood against the warmth, and felt as it reached out to her stiffened body tied taught against a dead tree. Her arms were pinned to her chest, her clansmen afraid she had the dark Gift. Part One of an Ongoing Series


Seventh Seal RPG Review

Posted on September 17, 2004 by

The Seventh Seal: Roleplaying Game of Prophetic Revelations is a modern day conspiracy/horror game. In it the player characters take on the role of the Chosen Elect, men and women who have been contacted by an Archangel and charged with the task of defending humanity from the forces of darkness. Unlike other games dealing with this subject matter, this one takes place before open war breaks out between the Heavenly Host and the Rebel Angels. The players must survive in a familiar world, while investigating, hunting and hiding from the Infernal Enemy.


Sentinels Bible RPG Review

Posted on September 17, 2004 by

I recently ran across The Seventh Seal: Roleplaying Game of Prophetic Revelations at a local game convention. With all the other games about the end of the world out, or coming out, I wanted to know what made this game stand apart. Initially it appeared that the setting was the major difference. This game did not take place after the apocalypse, or even during the final epic battle between good and evil. Instead this game takes place during the events that lead up to that war. The result is a game that has more in common with our own world, and, therefore, places it firmly in the Modern Horror genre.


Interview with Robert Baxter

Posted on May 21, 2004 by

Robert Baxter tells us about his work on the Seventh Seal RPG from Creative Illusions and gives us a few ideas about some upcoming work.


Interview with Pat Loboyko

Posted on March 30, 2004 by

Pat tells us about his work on the Seventh Seal RPG and the Cyberpunk CCG. He also talks shop about art and design.


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