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The Curious Cats of Mau Are Now on BackerKit!

Posted on February 20, 2024 by Flames

Curious Cats of Mau

    The Age of Man is long over. Cats – uplifted from our clever feline companions to use tools and language – now rule the world. In the Monarchies of Mau, cats study relics the Old Ones left behind to create new wonders, expand their understanding of the world, and combat the monsters and minions of the Unseen that threaten catkind. Curious cats explore ruins and set sail on the Acid Sea, or participate in games of intrigue against other houses, the dogs of Pugmire, and other rival species.

    The world is full of mysteries and dangers, which excellent cats are eager to face.

    Welcome to The Curious Cats of Mau, a cat-themed supplement compatible with the upcoming Realms of Pugmire core rulebook. This TTRPG supplement details the lives of the cats in the city-states that make up the Monarchies of Mau as they explore the world, plan daring heists and feats of intrigue, learn what they can about the Old Ones, and pounce on the sinister entities called the Unseen. You’ll need Realms of Pugmire to play this game and learn more about the dogs of Pugmire, who have sometimes been the cats’ allies, and often been their rivals.

    The cats of the monarchies believe that the Old Ones served them, and the cats’ ancestors granted Man great responsibilities as a reward. Though no one knows what happened to the Old Ones, they left many wonders behind to help the cats in their endeavors. Adventurous cats explore ancient ruins, hoping to discover artifacts they can study — sometimes by breaking them apart to discover how they work.

    Several decades ago, the formidable Trillani Persian von Mau united the monarchies at a time when conflict threatened to tear catkind apart. With her clearheaded leadership, she guided the great houses as they worked together, and eventually helped bring about an end to the War of Dogs and Cats. Trillani died recently, and her successor (Threnody von Mau) struggles to keep the hard-earned peace. Cats are expert at schemes and spycraft, and secrets are power. Some plot against other houses, while others seek to renew hostilities between the monarchies and Pugmire. Meanwhile, the threat of the Unseen is ever-present, waiting to strike should the cats’ vigilance waver.

    Will you be an excellent cat?

    Curious Cat Reading

      Some highlights of The Curious Cats of Mau include:

      • An evocative and family-friendly setting, full of interesting story hooks for players to explore and expand upon.

      • Full character creation rules featuring a cat’s house and new callings.

      • Expanded details about each of the monarchies, including interesting places to go and cats to meet, plus information on the sinister House Smilodon.

      • Updated spells, masterworks, and enemies.

      • Three exciting adventures for Guides to use at their tables.

      The Curious Cats of Mau on BackerKit is a campaign to fund a supplement for the upcoming Realms of Pugmire tabletop roleplaying game. You’ll need that corebook to play the game, but don’t worry! If you missed the campaign to fund Realms of Pugmire, check out the tiers that offer both books.

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