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The Darkest Kiss Fiction Review

Posted on December 15, 2008 by TezMillerOz

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Riley Jenson hunts evildoers—and does it with a style all her own. With vamp blood coursing her through her veins, and a werewolf’s uncanny instinct for danger, Riley wears snakeskin stilettos and pure, in-your-face attitude when she plunges into her latest case: hunting down a killer whose victims are high-society strumpets—and the rich and powerful men they’ve dated.

Keri Arthur
The Darkest Kiss (Riley Jenson, Book 6)
Random House Dell Spectra

Riley Jenson hunts down two serial killers, in Keri Arthur’s The Darkest Kiss.

One of the murderers is targeting Melbourne’s rich and powerful; including the infamous Toorak Trollops (they’re not prostitutes, just skanks). The other murderer is hitting closer to Riley.

All their security systems can’t save the high society types from gruesome deaths. Among the charity functions and whatnot, I almost expected Lillian Frank to pop up and spout something about polo.

Instead, we get Quinn O’Conor, the vampire Riley was emoing over in the previous novel, Embraced by Darkness. Their relationship seems rather superficial, so why they seem so tied to one another, I don’t quite understand. But Riley’s relationships have never been a series drawcard for me: the mysteries are. And this one’s a cracker…

The high-end murderer is like nothing I’ve read before, yet the other killer case is more intriguing. A vampire that’s invisible in daylight? Well, it sure beats sparkling.

This new and interesting type of vamp is intriguing, and though the victims’ connection seems lame, the murderer’s methods are quite memorable. The Yuroke property is one of the most fascinating I’ve come across, and I feel kind of guilty for having never heard of the suburb before.

This series may be flawed, but it’s definitely addictive. Problem is the next instalment isn’t out until March in the US, April in the UK, and who knows when in Australia. I’m also awaiting the UK/Commonwealth (excluding Canada) rights for Destiny Kills to be sold…

Review by Tez Miller

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  1. Avonamora says:

    Keri Arthur in a excellent writer. I love Riley series. Me and my sister have started a forum, that’s how much we love her.

    Anyone who is interested please feel free to stop by and check us out.

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