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Vampire Academy Review

Posted on January 23, 2008 by alanajoli

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Written by by Richelle Mead
Reviewed by Alana Abbott

Rose and Lissa have been on the run, trying to evade the very people who were supposed to keep them safe. But St. Vladimir’s Academy didn’t seem safe two years ago, and when Guardians capture the two runaways, they don’t feel any safer. But staying on seems like the only option, so Rose, a half-vampire training to be a guardian known as a Dhampir, and Lissa, a Moroi or mortal vampire, go back to school as normal: classes and training all night and sleeping during the day. Forced to coast through the middle, trying to avoid notice as long as possible, the girls manage to stay out of trouble: until trouble comes looking for them. In Lissa’s case, this means animals, torn apart and almost dead, are left in her bedroom. In Rose’s case, it’s her tutor Dimitri, who is far too attractive for Rose’s own good. But since Lissa and Rose share a bond–Rose experiences Lissa’s emotions almost as though they were her own–they share problems as well, and it’s not just their reputations at stake. It could be Lissa’s life.

Half mystery, half teen drama, Vampire Academy introduces a dying world of tradition: the Moroi can do magic, but must be protected from the evil, undead Stirgoi by their Dhampir guardians. The Stirgoi feed on the blood of innocents, and if they can drink from a Moroi, so much the better. So when Rose suspects that Lissa is being hunted, the danger of losing her is very real. Lissa’s own strange command of magic–unlike the traditional techniques of the Moroi–put her in even greater danger, and threaten to drive her insane. The novel is almost as much an exploration of this new world as it is a school drama, but classes, gossip, and training come with their own dangers. The description of blood feeding is chilling and enticing at the same time. Mead definitely has a good handle on vampire fiction, and she’s developed a sassy, smart-ass voice for Rose, who narrates through both her own and Lissa’s eyes. This is the first in a series, and given the fully fleshed feeling of the world, there are plenty of stories for Mead to tell.

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20 Responses to “Vampire Academy Review”

  1. vampire academy is the best book i have read in a really long time. its blows twilight out of the water.

  2. Cody says:

    I love Vampire Academy MUCH more than Twilight. VA makes Twilight seem like a piece of dirt. This book is the kind you can never put down!
    One of my favourite books! 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    =) This is one of the best vampire series i ever read, I’m even counting down till the next books come out. Twilight has nothing compared to vampire academy. 🙂 ! Demitri makes the ultimate fictional character. I love him. ! ? 😀

  4. Reina says:

    i just love this series and its currently spreading like wildfire at our school… i just love Dmitri and Rose 😀 VA totally rocks and twilight is way over it’s disgusting in the first place… i hope they’ll make a movie of VA:D I’ll be looking forward to it 😀 *crosses fingers*

  5. expert says:

    try l.j smiths books

  6. Samantha says:

    I have read over 50 books this year including the House of Night series and Twilight series, and Vampire Academy is at the top of my list. The Charecters are so real and the writing vivd. I see all the sceans play out in my mind and I give Rachelle Mead a pat on the back for a job well done. I recomend everyone read this series and tell all your friends.

  7. Alessandra says:

    alright these vampire academy book beat twilight off my first favs lol. i love them sooo much
    vampire academy
    house of night

    those are the order of books in my favs. lol
    i really hope she’ll make more books after blood promise like the fifth one cause the thing with dimitri mmade me sooooooo upset lol

  8. Melanie Wright says:

    Im new to this book I just started it I have read all the twilight and house of night so far are these books really that good!

  9. Mrs WaylandCullen says:

    Yes, VA is one of my favourite books, Yes it is as good as Twilight. But is DOES NOT make Twilight seem like a piece of dirt!!!! I advise you to be careful, cause theres ALOT of Twilight Fans out there.

  10. tanya says:

    Hey guys,love your reviews will pick it up over the weekend…(ampire Academy that is)..anyone ever checked out J.R Ward Blackdagger series…IT REALLY HOTT!!!!!!!!!1

  11. Jessica says:

    I love VA!!! the books are amazing!! way better then Twilight!


  12. AirFTW says:

    Love VA 😀 I read all of the Twilight series in… hmm, fall of 2008? And I was addicted to them until I found this over Christmas. I’m hooked. It’s true that it really kicks Twilight’s ass.

    I must say, though, that Dimitri doesn’t have any character. Which basically sucks, seeing as though he’s the love interest. Christian though?W-o-w. Sometimes I wish VA was in Lissa’s POV so we got to see the sweet side of him… not that I don’t love his smug, snarky attitude. And his humor. Oh, Christian… we’re worlds apart.

  13. Rose says:

    i have to agree with cody on this one. yes twilight is good but vampire academy is much better. btw im not saying twilight is “a piece of dirt” but i enjoys VA better

  14. Mo101 says:

    i totally am hooked on these books! i read the first one in 2008 i think??…but then when i read frostbite i was hooked! i recently went to colorado and bought the lat 3 books and finished in 5 days i totally agree with the peopole who KNOW these are better than twilight! i used to be up all night reading twilight…but ever scince these ones i am up all night but there is a nervousness in my stomache!Hope to see a movie soon and this these are def. my fav books whoooooooo!!!:)

  15. Mo101 says:

    I know my last entry was only a few minutes ago but i have sooo much morre to say ! i know every 1 loves dimitri and so do i but he is a “dead” now and i have always liked adrian and think rose should b wit him know!…..btw i wish this stuff wass real i want to b a guardian god damn it! lol:)

  16. Sunrise.Ashes says:

    Why should Cody have to be careful? Every one is entitled to an opinion, so let Cody have one, even if you don’t like it.

    The whole Vampire Academy series is beautiful and deep, a much better reading experience than Twilight, although I found those books enjoyable too.

  17. lauren says:

    luuuvvv VA!! The twilight series r good bu VA blows Twilight away. Stephenie meyer better look out for Richelle Mead and her bff Vampre Academy!!! Twilight might go into the toilet when this comes out as a movie!! 😀

  18. lauren says:

    <3 <3

  19. rachael says:

    i love the vampire academy I’ve read all of them but when i first finished reading the first book i wasnt that sure i wanted to read more of it but when i heard dimitri might be strigio in one of the books i couldnt help but read them all and the books soon became more alluring and dark making them my fave. Dimitri is my dream and i cried so much in the 2 last books lol i love adrian to but not so much feel bad for him though xx listen to this song you fond me by the fray it reminds me of adrian and rose but then listen to never say never by the fray that reminds me of dimitri and rose and can i just say that rose is not a slut because a lot of people are saying this but every one makes mistakes. i love dimitri lol he is my other half if he was real hahaha <3 xx

  20. rachael says:

    sos forgot to add that dimitri is not dead so up urs adrian fans lol xxxx ahahahhaha sos a hink am on a hiper aboot the vampire academy but can you blame me its amazon lol heheh i love dimka dimka dimka dimka lol i wish i was rose then could be with dimitri lol and kill strigio aaarrrrrrrgggggg stupid strigio lol xxx <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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