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28 Days Later Movie Review

Posted on December 15, 2004 by

Public synopsis: A powerful virus escapes from a British research facility. Transmitted in a drop of blood and devastating within seconds, the virus locks those infected into a permanent state of murderous rage. Within 28 days the country is overwhelmed and a handful of survivors begin their attempts to salvage a future, little realizing that the deadly virus is not the only thing that threatens them.

Well that’s just the blurb that is given to the general audience via the back of the video box. But this movie amounts to so much more than most people could have anticipated. A very finely crafted movie with a cast that delivers some top-notch performances and a story that’s sure to keep you in your seat. I’ll try not to give away too much in the way of spoilers but I’m sure a few will leak their way in.

Review by Peter Amthor


Beyond the Wall of Sleep Film Review

Posted on October 10, 2004 by

Starring: Fountain Yount, William Sanderson, Kurt Hargan, Marco St. John, Rachel Mellendorf, Rick Dial and Tom Savini. Directed/Written by: Barret J. Leigh and Thom Maurer,. Based on original short story by: H.P. Lovecraft., Music Composed by: Kaveh Cohen. Columbia Picture, 2004, 84 min. Rated R., Reviewed by Jeff Jacobs

As an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” is riveting horror film, filled with a deep, dark emphasis of mystery. The film emphasizes on early 20th century psychiatric research, combined with inexplicable evidence of the occult.


Aliens vs. Predator Movie Review

Posted on September 24, 2004 by

This was one of the biggest let downs ever. The funny thing is that it starts off so well…interesting, new concept. Then half way through the movie it takes a turn for the worst and our “hero lady” (who’s acting leaves much to be desired with her foul one liners and fake conviction) runs beside the Predator…with an actual scene that looks like Batman and Robin. They made the Predator look so weak as he needs the help of this human. Another big Hollywood destruction of characters created by individuals with originality.


Vampire Hunter D Anime Review

Posted on September 24, 2004 by

In the far future, monstrous creatures have once again risen from the depths at which they lay, vile, evil creatures, from Vampires to Werewolves, to Zombies, to gelatinous blobs that descend upon you from the sky and rend the flesh from your bones in a matter of seconds. Here, Vampires are lords and masters, ruling over these minions of the dark, and terrorizing villagers wherever they decide to settle. One man rides alone, one man to stand against this tide of evil, one man to fight. And fight he does.


Hellboy: the Movie Review

Posted on September 20, 2004 by

Imagine you are an FBI agent, called upon to take on a new task with a secret organization. You are not briefed on your assignment and have no idea what to expect. Entering the facility, you discover that you are assigned accompany the world’s most talented crime fighters, who just happen to be demons and creatures with incredible powers. Enter Hellboy: a demon raised by humans, set on the preservation of mankind — his way! Hellboy incorporates demons/fantastic creatures, arch-villains, and non-stop action that is both unique and traditional.


2001 Maniacs Film Review

Posted on June 6, 2004 by

Available at Directed by Tim Sullivan Starring Robert Englund Review by Brian LeTendre The South will rise again! “2001 Maniacs” is a remake of goremeister Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1964 film “Two Thousand Maniacs”. Robert Englund plays the mayor of a southern town that was destroyed during the Civil War, where the residents come back […]


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