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Arrgh! Thar Be Zombies! Preview

Posted on August 1, 2010 by Flames

Avast! Thar be ghastly things that sail these waters!

Whether labeled privateers or buccaneers, everyone feared pirates during the Age of Sail. Now the pirates have something to be afraid of . . . the livin’ dead! From voodoo queens to ghost ships, swashbuckling with zombies is a whole different jug of grog.

So tighten them sails! Hoist the Jolly Roger an’ go on the account with the brethren o’ the sea! But ‘ware the shout from the crows’ nest, “Argh! Thar Be Zombies!” They’ll be after more than ye gold!

So trim the sails and hoist the Jolly Roger. Arrgh! Thar Be Zombies!

ARRGH! Thar Be Zombies is a supplement for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten roleplaying game, published by Eden Studios. Flames Rising is pleased to present an exclusive preview of this new book.


    Arrgh! Avast ye landlubbers! Pull up a seat ‘ere while I tell ye of times agone.

    Oh, the Age of Sail! It was a time for men and women of action, a time for pirates who took what they wanted when they wanted and privateers who did the same in the name of a king or country. It was a time for derring-do and swashbuckling chivalry on the high seas. At least, that’s what the movies and fiction have told us.

    The Age of Sail, an era that spanned some 300 years and began in earnest around the 16th century, was not as glamorous and full of high adventure as the stories would have us believe. This was a dangerous time, full of war, death, and underhanded dealings, which were felt on a daily basis by those who sailed the seas. However, a game based on this time would not be nearly as enjoyable without all the swashbuckling high adventure made famous by such great screen actors as Errol Flynn, Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Jr., and Basil Rathbone. So this book compromises by adding the historical flavor of the genre and all the swashbuckling action that your heart can take. Then, just when you thought we couldn’t cram any more into it, the zombies arrive. Black fleets, ghost ships, skeletal corsairs, and the undead denizens of Davey Jones’ locker have clawed their way up from the depths to take their place beside the swashbuckling greats of the day.

    So hoist anchor, raise the sails, and head out on a quest for high adventure. Just beware the shout from the crow’s nest: “ARRGH! THAR BE ZOMBIES!”

    New Quality

      Born for the Sea
      1-Point Mental Quality
      The Cast Member seems born to be a seaman. Perhaps he was born under some sailor’s star, or during a typhoon. Whatever the reason, all aspects of sea life just seem to come naturally to him. It takes the Cast Member half as long to learn a sea faring skill from an instructor (see AFMBE p. 56, Instruction Skill) and he has a +1 bonus in any seafaring skill he possesses.

      New Drawback

        2-Point Drawback
        The butt of jokes on an ocean voyage, the landlubber has a hard time coping with life at sea. He just does not have the knack of moving around on a rolling deck and is at a -2 to all dexterity-based actions for the first two days of a voyage. He also has a -1 susceptibility to seasickness during this time. After two days the seasickness passes, but the character is still at a -1 to all dexterity-based actions for another day. After 3 days, the minuses pass. After the character has stayed on land for more than 12 hours, the process starts again.

        ARRGH! Thar Be Zombies

          A new supplement for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG. In it, you will find:

          • Information on the Age of Sail and the Golden Age of Piracy, including everything you need to know about life as a pirate.
          • Plenty o’ new Qualities, Drawbacks, and skills for yer piratin’ crew.
          • New Zombie Aspects for the undead spat forth from Davy Jones’ Locker.
          • New Metaphysics rules for voodoo Miracles, rituals and the creation of fetishes.
          • Rules for cinematic sword-fighting and ship combat.
          • New weapons, new gear, and an assortment of ships from swift sloops to gun heavy galleons.
          • Three full Deadworlds and two short ones, takin’ yer sea dogs from a dark and shrouded isle to islands in a dark sea of an entirely different sort.
          • A slew of Archetypes that can be used to flesh out any pirate game.

          ARRGH! Thar Be Zombies is available now at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop.

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