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Ghosts of Albion RPG Preview

Posted on August 5, 2008 by Matt-M-McElroy

Earlier, I announced that the Ghosts of Albion eBook was now available from Eden Studios (the print version comes out next month). Today we’re bringing you a small preview of this new game.

Some may not be familiar with the Ghosts of Albion setting, so we’re going to start with a basic introduction to the world of Albion and introduce a bit of the cosmology. Further previews and teasers will explore more of the setting and the Unisystem elements of the game…


Much like the ever developing and expanding stories of a roleplaying game, Ghosts of Albion truly lives and breaths. Mademoiselle Benson and Monsieur Golden contemplate novel surprises and delights for all as time passes, including books and DVDs. The role-playing game, too, serves to enliven and elucidate the Ghosts of Albion universe, granting each player the opportunity and honour of adding to this unique setting. To better facilitate what is to come, it behoves one to explore that which has been.

The principal glimpses of the Ghosts of Albion world, prior to the novel series, unfolded in the form of two web casts and two stories. The web dramatisation Legacy introduces the latest Albion Protectors, Tamara and William Swift, pitting them against the Demon Lord Balberith. The web novella Astray continues the supernatural exploits of these stalwarts, revealing much about matters of faerie. The web short story Illusions peers into the unlife of Nigel, one-time student of the Swift’s grandfather, Ludlow Swift, burdened with the exquisite curse of vampirism. The web dramatisation Embers returns to the lives of Tamara and William, presenting a quest for an ancient artefact. All can be experienced at and

After a brief foray into profound cosmological matters, each instalment of the Ghosts of Albion saga is addressed in turn.


Ghosts of Albion is set during the early Victorian Age. The times are much like those of history, as viewed through a dark and supernatural lens. The major events of history remain; still, an undercurrent of the supernatural tinges all. Vampires exist, as do ghosts, faeries, and aye, even demons.

Scratching the surface of the world one realizes that “the truth” is merely a façade, that the true history of England—Albion, is much darker. Each land has a soul, one that feels the trials and tribulations of its people and suffers from the darkness that inhabits it. Each land’s soul is guarded by one or more mystical champions. These Protectors fight the enemies of humanity, and arise anew when the prior one perishes. The Protectors of Albion, William and Tamara Swift, protect the mystical soul of England. They do not campaign unaided, but the calling is theirs alone.

Ghosts of Albion_Picture of Albion

Ghosts of Albion Roleplaying Game

Visit the Ghosts of Albion page at Eden Studios for free downloads and news. You can also get the Ghosts of Albion eBook now from the Flames Rising RPGNow shop.

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