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New! Kickstarter to Support Pathfinder & Starfinder Rules with Ultimate Screen

Posted on June 21, 2023 by Flames

Forged Gaming, the company behind the Ultimate Game Master Screen Kickstarter, announced today that the project will support the Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs with official rulesets and content. These products will be included in the ongoing Kickstarter as add-ons to the Ultimate Game Master Screen campaign. The addition of these iconic RPGs to the Ultimate Game Master Screen offers Pathfinder and Starfinder Game Masters even more opportunities to take advantage of the new product’s customizability.

“Forged Gaming and the Ultimate Game Master Screen team couldn’t be more excited to partner with an iconic publisher like Paizo,” said Jon Barry, director of Forged Gaming. “As a GM and player myself, I can’t wait to create official content for amazing RPGs like Pathfinder and Starfinder!”

While exact details of the content are still in development. The partnership with Paizo will offer backers of the project access to officially licensed content like magnetic rule tables and game-specific trackers, as well as thematic artwork.

“Working with Forged Gaming on the Ultimate Game Master Screen has been incredible. Paizo has always been dedicated to giving GMs the tools they need to run exciting Pathfinder and Starfinder games, and this screen’s modular build gives GMs the ability to use one screen for all their adventures. We’re looking forward to partnering with Forged Gaming on more fantastic projects in the future,” says John Feil, Director of Licensing at Paizo.

The Ultimate Game Master Screen Kickstarter is helmed by the team at Forged Gaming and developed in partnership with RealmSmith. Using feedback collected from over 1,500 Game Masters across various TTRPG systems, the team developed a unique Game Master screen system that is customizable, affordable, and system agnostic.

“When we started roughing-in what we wanted to build, customizability was at the core of our thought process”, said Jason Azevedo of RealmSmith and project designer. “GMing and storytelling is such a personal experience; no two games or GMs are alike. We knew we wanted to create a premium GM screen that was flexible enough to be useful to Game Masters of almost any game, and affordable. I think we succeeded on all counts. Check it out and tell us what you think”.

The Ultimate Game Master Screen Kickstarter campaign is live through June 24, 2023. Earlybird pricing, which is still available at the time of this article, is US$89 for the core product and ranges up to US$279 for the Ultimate Backer Bundle. For more information on the project and the Kickstarter campaign, visit The Ultimate Game Master Screen Now on Kickstarter!

Ultimate Game Master Screen Mockup | Forged Gaming

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