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Plague of the Dead Review

Posted on February 10, 2007 by Flames

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Plague of the Dead takes another twist with the zombie genre, showing that the zombies can and cannot be dead at the same time. Z.A Recht, author of the new zombie novel Plague of the Dead brings a new twist to the genre.

Beginning with a strange, if not disturbing, email from a scientist in the army, it tells of the inevitable danger that the new and strange plague may bring. While the scientist tries to warn people about it, it doesn’t do any good, and that means that people are vulnerable. It hits our home of the United States when a medical examiner turns his back for just one moment.

Africa is the center of the action, and if where the plague originated. Fires sprung up from every town, and the dead were attacking and devouring the living . . . And the ones that they killed also got back up to eat the flesh of the living men. The military tries their best to deal with it, but when they find that they can’t do anything other than separate Africa from the Israel area, they have to flee. This is where the military steps in to take action.

Recht brings many new things to the genre, especially the exciting way the military works. With scattered traces of emails and government conspiracies hidden in its depths, Plague of the Dead is a different, if not new way of the zombie genre. The main characters are real in the sense of the military, we learn how the military could operate if such an event were to happen, and we learn several different aspects of the military that most people don’t know. Recht shares the knowledge of weapons and military strategy in this book, and he does a very, very good job doing this.

Plague of the Dead brings us into a different view of the zombies, with the way that they can be alive at first, then die and come back to life as true zombies. Sprinters and Shamblers are they way Recht describes the zombies, and makes them even more terrifying. One bite infects, two bites doubles the rate, and from there, it goes downhill when the zombie plague hits Africa and spreads into the United States.

Plague of the Dead is another novel that must be picked up if you are a fan of horror and zombie fiction. It’s hard to put down, it’s exciting, and it leaves you wanting with more of this new way of zombies.

Reviewer: Kody Boye

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